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Fantasy RPG Story Prompt 07

We thought this might be fun - we will share a copyright free image once a week and list some questions that might get your creative dungeon master juices flowing.

  1. Are the trying to open the tomb, if so what are they hoping to find?

  2. Are they checking the tomb is still seal shut, if so who are they afraid might have opened it?

  3. Are they sealing the tomb, if so who or what are they sealing inside?

  4. Who's the wizard?

  5. Who's the warror?

  6. What is their relationship?

  7. Where is this tomb situated?

  8. There they authorised to be down here?

  9. What have they overlooked?

  10. Why does the warrior look so tense?


Picture Credits

Created by The Grinning Frog team - created a while ago and we don't have the component sources on this one, sorry! What I do remember is it was complied from quite a number of picture elements and the green glows were added by us, as were a few other touches such as adding shadows. It was a lot of fun to create this one.

Picture License

This image is released under a CC0 licence and may be used freely for any purpose. No link back or attribution is required. Have fun with it!


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