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New Look Website and Discord

Updated: Jan 18

Hey there,

We are making a few changes around the place and thought it might be nice to share the reasons with everyone.

We've been very busy over the last few years establishing ourselves as a viable company that can run full time and maintain an office and an employee. We are still working hard on that and as part of that we are reshaping our focus a little to ensure that we are talking more with the RPG community. (We have a bad habit of not telling anyone what we are bringing out until we actually launch.)

It's very easy to get drawn into the content creation and not talk and chat enough with fellow gamers - or share enough of what is happening behind the scenes. We'd like to do more of that so we are opening a discord channel - address below, and there will be more regular blogs and free content given out both here and on discord. We will also just hang out and chat - and we hope you all with hang our there and chat amongst yourselves as well.

We have also taken down the old front page of the website and put up a gallery of upcoming projects. Indeed, the fact that we are working far enough ahead of ourselves to put up such a gallery is one of the big changes over 2022. Of course, that has actually made us busier than ever which until now I wasn't sure was possible. Oh well, no rest for the wicked and all that!

Okay, so - the discord channel is at: Yes, I know that looks a bit odd and funky but you don't get a custom url until you are established!

And if you don't know what discord is (it's sort of a modern forum) then the official beginners guide is the place to start:

See you in the discord.


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