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Zilight Errata and Rules Clarifications

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

It seems we should have a central place for any identified errata or rule questions that are asked. This is with the thought that if one person wants something to be made clearer, potentially others will also.

We are looking at a website layout change and when we do that we might give over a specific page to Zilight. The zombies are coming indeed!

Note - as of 9 December, the digital versions of Zilight that you buy from our website have the following corrections already made.


9 December 2022

DEFENCE RATING - Errata - Page 7

Def: Should read as follows:

''Defence rating, i.e. the number you need to roll, or exceed, to successfully hit the creature.'

The game works on a 'same or above' principle so PAGE 7 is incorrect however COMBAT OVERVIEW on PAGE 8 is correct.

The example given is a zombie with a defence rating of 4. Rolling a 1,2,3 misses, rolling a 4,5,6 hits.

October 2022


Ignore the following line on page 10.

Page 10 (item 2) says 'Discard any Club cards generated by loud cards that you played through.'

Page 8 is correct with regard to loud weapons. 'Immediately after using a loud weapon you must draw another two cards. Keep any spade cards and place them in a row next to your current card. Ignore all other card types.'


Loud is all about creatures being drawn to you because you have made noise. hence, ignoring cards that represent anything else. We have chosen to include Hearts (People) in that for game simplicity.

FLEEING - Clarification


Fleeing relates only to the card that you are immediately flee from. For example, if you find the pharmacy and chose to enter briefly. You then draw a card, say it comes up as the 8 Spades = 8 Zombies. You decide to flee. Assuming you are successful, that card is shuffled back into the deck and then you are free to collect the medkits from the pharmacy under the special section on the pharmacy card.

From a narrative perspective, imagine you have dashed into the pharmacy to explore, but get interrupted by eight zombies coming at you from the back room, you run out (flee) they chase you but lose you. You then circle back and get the supplies from the now empty pharmacy.


Can you Flee before entering into combat ie. can you flee after making a ranged attack or when you first come across zombies, and before throwing an initiative roll? Or when faced with zombies (or others) do you have to start the combat sequence first (by making an initiative roll) and wait till it’s your turn to attack before making an escape roll?

You cannot flee before the initiative roll unless you have the smoke grenade. (Which is used in the ranged phase of the turn.)

The rationalisation is that you see them far enough away to fire a quick shot off, or use a grenade if you wish, and then they are on you. You try to dodge them as they try to catch you - which is the initiative phase - and only then can you attempt to flee.


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