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Starship Scavengers coming in July

It has taken a while to get there (but then we've been really busy at Frog HQ), however I am delighted to announce that Starship Scavengers, our solo play, space exploration game goes live in July. (Hint: Might well be next week.)

I'm super excited about this as it is an evolution of the very popular Zilight gaming system. Except, no zombies in space, only aliens, rogue robots and environmental hazards! (And bombs and traps *ahem*)

I'm also very excited about it as this is the start of a new line of products from The Grinning Frog. Starship Scavengers has been designed so that you can purchase the rulebook and the first adventure (we call them assignments in the game) and then I will keep producing new ships, satellites and space stations for you to explore.

In essence, the game is a mini-RPG as there is a character generation system and character expansion system so your character can grow as they gain experience. That will then make them better at different tasks depending on what skills you build on.

And yet, it all fits inside a 40pg, A5 (digest) sized rulebook.

It is going through final play testing at the moment, and will go to backers in August / September this year.

You can click to be notified of the launch:

Exciting times!

Until next time, keep gaming


PS Something very weird happened with the formatting of the last blog post that I sent out. Apologies for that. There was no reason for it that we could find. Fingers crossed this one arrives properly. If it does not, please drop me an email and let me know. Thanks!


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