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We love games.

That’s it in a nutshell. Every member of The Grinning Frog team gets a little thrill as dice roll over the table, a shiver of excitement as a new card is dealt and a buzz of anticipation when we spot the potentially winning move…and that gut-wrenching sensation when our plans turn to nought.


So yes, we love games – computer, console, board, card, dice … and most of all role-play games. In the ‘office’ our go-to game is Dungeon and Dragons – controversially we play, and love, fourth edition. (Sure 5th is more streamlined but it’s simplified to a level we don’t like and the tactical nuances of the rules in 4th really work for us.)


I say ‘office’ because we are creatives working the modern dream of collaborating and producing remotely with our too infrequent meetings being around a gaming table rather than a board table.

So we love games, we love writing and producing for them and most of all we love helping other people have great games.


We want you to buy our supplements and have them enhance your game. We want sheer enjoyment and fun to flow from our products. And we also want them to be straightforward to read, a pleasure to browse and absolutely practical to use.

We review and revise our publications regularly through customer feedback because we want you to have the best gaming experience possible whilst using our material.


Let’s all love games together!


P.S. The heading picture was a taken during a one-shot adventure…and yes, the cleric was busy investigating things totally ignoring the dragon that had just reared up to menace us!

Always take a cleric.

RPG Rule #2

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