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Always take a cleric.

RPG Rule #2

We love games.

That’s it in a nutshell. Every member of The Grinning Frog team gets a little thrill as dice roll over the table, a shiver of excitement as a new card is dealt and a buzz of anticipation when we spot the potentially winning move…and that gut-wrenching sensation when our plans turn to nought.


So yes, we love games – computer, console, board, card, dice … and most of all role-play games. Collectively our go-to game is Dungeon and Dragons – controversially we play, and love, fourth edition. Sure, 5th is more streamlined but the tactical nuances of the combat rules in 4th really work for us.

I say ‘we’ and 'us' because there is more than one person involved in the production process but there is a main individual - me, Stephen Hart.

I've a background in the graphics design industry in addition to spending 15 years as a corporate trainer and coach. I've also spent my whole writing life playing games. 

I write the content and design the layout for all of The Grinning Frog publications. I also design and run our Kickstarter campaigns. (Aided by a buddy who lends his words of wisdom on things relating to Kickstarter.)

The 'us' also includes our fabulous editor Jane Spencer - a trained and qualified full-time editor. She's precise, thorough and a lovely person as well! 

She takes the words that I produce and polishes them until they shine.​

(I should point out she doesn't edit the website - that's all my fault and mine alone.)

She does however edit everything we've released since mid-2020. So that would be all the magazine issues and everything that has been crowdfunded. 

Then we have a group of content developers all of whom like to be referred to by their games names so that would be - Furgar, Hamish, Laurali and Scorpio. We have the most fabulous brain storming sessions where ideas get thrown out, shredded, rewritten, recycled and reproduced in a much better shape.

Sometimes that's individually and occasionally all together. Good times and fun is had!

I also bounce ideas off The Oracle's Patreon subscribers, my twitter followers and occasionally step onto reddit to see what opinions people might have.

All the while being able assisted by my lovely wife who, although she doesn't like RPGs (I know, the irony), loves every other kind of game. 

So there you have it - I'm a self-employed RPG writer who works with a collective group of people to produce new content every month.

You'll find free content, advice and general game chat in the blog, and when you're ready to get the meatier content head over to the shop where I guarantee you will find something that can enhance your gaming.

Stay safe and keep gaming!

Stephen Hart

Chief Wordsmith



Grinning Frog Writing Credits

The Three Trials of Abrina

5e compatible adventure, PDF, April 2020

The Oracle

Monthly digital RPG magazine published since June 2020

The Cavern of Dentropi

5e compatible adventure, PDF, July 2020

Abracadabra: A Guide to Being a Magical Games Master, Hardback, softback, PDF, Sept 2020

The Missing Child

5e compatible adventure, PDF, Nov 2020

Fantasy Advent Calendar 2020

 5e compatible collection of content. Hardback, softback, PDF, Dec 2020

Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities

5e compatible collection of magic items, Hardbacked & PDF, Limited edition Jan 2021, General release due Aug 2021 

Fight Club: Arena

An original gamebook of single combat in a deadly, fantasy arena. Softcover & PDF, Feb 2021

Contemplation - A zine of Personal Discovery

A micro RPG game, writing tool or solo journaling book. Softcover & PDF, March 2021

Colour Me Fantasy

Fantasy themed colouring book, July 2021

Other Writing/Layout/Design Credits

Empires of Lore, written content, Mobile Game, June 2020 

Draker: Unlocked Troubles, written content, RPG micro game Dec 2020

The Incident at Ursula Island, 5e compatible RPG adventure for Lore Mats, March 2021

GM's Toolkit - Unconventional Allies, layout and written content in partnership with Trinity Knot Studios, June 2021

Sunblade Subclasses and Pantheon, layout and written content in partnership with Awfully Queer Heroes, 5e compatible Sub-classes, Deities and Magic Items, July 2021

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