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Starship Scavengers

Set hundreds of years in the future, the galactic empire of man has fallen, torn apart by the Wars of Unreason. 
You have grown up in the aftermath and now make your living scavenging derelict spaceships, abandoned space stations or taking on dangerous missions on hazardous planets - anything to make a credit or two. That golden data horde has so far eluded you, but you have confidence that one day, eventually, your time will come. That is, if the hostile aliens, hazardous environmental conditions or rogue robots don't get you first. Who said getting rich in the future would be easy?
All you need to play is the rule book which also comes with a full adventure and a set of poly dice (not provided).
What you get full RPG game system designed for solo play. Five simple stats, clear rules and lots of examples ensure you can get up and running in no time.
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Lifetime Support Guarantee Stuck on the rules, or have a general question about a game? Drop us a line and we will get back to you. Guaranteed game support for as long as we stay in business (so, forever!)

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