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This is a deck of tarot sized encounter cards which have all the stats for the creatures*, robots and aliens that you encounter whilst playing through HMS Brutus and Moon Crash.


*To be clear, all the creatures are aliens but some are more creature like than alien. So you have an alien tiger that does tiger like things, and then a properly weird alien that can cause temporaral rifts and simply make your bullets dissapear. Oh, and another that bleeds radiation which then heals it, and it spawns more creatures when it dies.


Rather than rolling on the encounter table in the rulebook to see what you have just run into, you turn over the top card of your deck, and ready yourself for battle! (There is also a 'false alert' card which means you don't actually encounter anything.)


Designed so the backs of the cards are all the same, to enable you to mix the decks together, but with a clear, but subtle, note on the front faces so you can split them back into their apprioriate decks. 


Further decks will be released in the future to expand the threats you face in deep space.


Printed on premium 400gsm play card stock by a game card manufacturer.

Rounded corners

Tarot sized (120mm x 70mm or 4.7' x 2.7' approx)


THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME IN ITSELF. You require a copy of Starship Scavengers rules and the assignments HMS Brutus and Moon Crash to make use of this product.


Postage Free Product


Encounter Cards for HMS Brutus and Moon Crash

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