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Aaargh, brains! The dead have risen and walk the land. Can you survive 28 days before rescue arrives?
This has grown to a series of four different game books all with the above objective. Pick your time period and location and fight against the zombie hordes from Britain to America then Egypt, ranging from AD666 to modern times.
All use the same core rules but have variations based on their theme. Try to avoid the plague in Zilight Egypt, mend your armour in Zilight Dark Ages or chamber a round in your shotgun in Zilight Seattle... but be careful, in all versions, the more noise you make, the more zombies you will attract!
All you need to play is the game book, a few d6 dice and a deck of ordinary playing cards. Zilight Original and Zilight Egypt have their own specialist decks of cards available to purchase.
What you get is a 52-page gamebook, plus a game mat. Fully explained rules that are simple and easy to learn.
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Lifetime Support Guarantee Stuck on the rules, or have a general question about a game? Drop us a line and we will get back to you. Guaranteed game support for as long as we stay in business (so, forever!)

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