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Aargh... brains!


Okay, who doesn't enjoy a good zombie movie/show/game? 


The person at the back who just put their hand up can leave now. The rest of you... grab a regular pack of cards and some d6 and come with me to the apocalypse.


This is a complete gamebook. No other purchase is required to play (well, you need a regular deck of cards and some d6 dice but that's all.)




Simple, fun and fast... and deadly.


Turn a regular playing card, look up in the book what the card means and make choices about how you are dealing with the situation presented by the card.


Which weapon do you use to fight the eight zombies who shuffled around the corner? Do you accept the quest from the mother? Do you fully explore the Space Needle for supplies or just dash in for a quick look around? 


You need weapons and medical supplies and also food... everyone is hungry in the apocalypse. Find food or starve. (Starvation reduces your health.)


Risk vs. reward is at play throughout the game. 


Combat is resolved with a simple d6 based combat system. Whilst simple, it offers player choices such as which weapons to use - loud weapons are powerful but can attract more zombies, do you use your dog companion in combat (they stay safe until you use them in combat), or do you try and flee? (The more injured you are, the harder it is to flee.)  



  1. You use a regular deck of cards and turn over one card which is your day card
  2. What suit the day card is determines it's type: Diamonds = Locations to explore, Hearts = People to meet, Spades = Adversaries to fight or hunt, Clubs = Equipment
  3. Look up the card in the game book and make choices about what you do based on the details.
  4. Resolve those choices whether that's combat, interaction, exploration etc
  5. Day ends - rest, repair your armour (if you dare( eat (maybe feed the dog if you've found them), heal
  6. New day dawns, draw a new day card 


(Survive for 28 days to win although other win conditions are included as well.)


With a simple discard mechanism, surviving the apocalypse  gets harder the longer it goes on!


As long time zombie fans we've put in all the classic aspects of the uprising that we could manage:

  •  Noise is dangerous: Doing something loud  can attract more zombies
  • Humans can be more dangerous than the undead: Sad but so true!
  • Moral choices: Do your morals still apply in the undead world? We won't judge you if you don't rescue that trapped family but your friends might...
  •  Searching for supplies: Food, medical supplies, ammo, weapons
  •  The perils of going hungry: You really need to eat each day.
  •  Hunting food: Rabbit stew anyone?
  •  The dangers of searching locations: Specifically do you search thoroughly (more risk but more rewards) or quickly (less risk but less rewards)?
  •  It gets worse: The longer the apocalypse goes on the fewer the resources and the more frequent the zombie attacks


And new in this edition of Zilight?


The first in our regionised versions of Zilight, we know Seattle and it was created based on first hand knowledge of the city. How does it differ? Well...


  1. Quests - these are optional extra missions you can undertake. 
  2. All the locations are famous Seattle landmarks - admire the view, and spy out zombies from the Space Needle, trade fish down on Puget Sound, find food at Cafe Vivace or explore the University District for a range of items.
  3. Foes specific to the location are here - including ex-programmers and zombie seahawk fans! 
  4. A unique escape (winning) option exists based on a famous Seattle boat  
  5. For the first time you can chose to have some capability at either melee or ranged combat from the beginning of the game 
  6. Human companions that will join you for the first time
  7. You can also find a horse for the first time, along with a trusty dog of course
  8. An armour mechanic is introduced




Here's what players have had to say:


  • If I run, the guy in the wheelchair dies? I'm doing it. I'm running. I feel so bad. (Didn't stop them from abandoning him though - and they died two turns later so karma I guess!)
  • Fremont Troll for medical supplies? Haha. Love it. 
  • That was great. Loved the city focus. 
  • You should have put the Indigo Girls in. That would have made it perfect.


Optional Rules


To keep it a slim, easy to play game we kept out some rule options that can add complexity, because we know some gamers like complexity we have included five optional rules that you can choose to add in.




This has been designed as a solo game. It is perfect for solo journaling or it can be played straight through as a regular game.


Works really well when played with your significan other, or even friends, as you can agree (bicker) over the moral and survival options!


Games take roughly 30-40 minutes (assuming you survive that long). 


Get stuck surviving the apocalypse? Then we are here to help - drop us an email to with Zilight or Aargh Brains in the subject line and we will reply and clarify any rules questions you might have.


40 pages, A5 Portrait ('Zine size), Black and white art.

Zilight Seattle- Zombie Survival Game PDF

  • This is the PDF version and will be available to download immediately on ordering. 

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