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Magic Items

We have some very firm feelings about magic items in roleplay games - in fact, we have five rules for magic items:

  1. They will be loaded with history

  2. They will have story potential

  3. They will have purpose

  4. They will be magical in interesting ways

  5. They will be usable by all​

Following those five rules (sometimes breaking them if it works for creative purposes) we have crafted several extremely well received books of magic items and most recently a deck of cards with 56 unique magic items.
All our magic items in these publications were written for the publications and have not appeared elsewhere. 
You will notice that the name Vastral appears on all of these works. He is our in-universe creator mage who first appear in the adventure Three Trials of Abrina but has gone on to feature in several other works from us. He introduces the items, along with contributions (mostly sarcastic comments) from the vampire Abrina and his right-hand minotaur Rutus. Both of whom are also characters who pop up across different publications. (They do so in a connected way, which rewards a reader who has read everything, whilst ensuring the more casual, or selective reader, can still enjoy the banter and character interplay.)

 Hover, or click on a publication to view more details about it. 

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