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Final Quest

Your party died, slain by the underlurker hordes as you were exploring the Caverns of Mourne, on a quest to slay the Beast Who Shakes the Earth. You also died but you've come back, regenerated by your one-time magic amulet. Now you must fight your way out of the dark caverns to the surface. The trouble is, you are low on health, have no supplies, no weapons and no allies... Truly, this might be your final quest.
With randomised encounters, opponents, locations and equipment every game is a new challenge. 
All you need to play is the game book, a few d6 dice and a deck of ordinary playing cards. A specialist deck of Final Quest cards is also available to purchase.
What you get is a 44 page gamebook that fully outlines how to play the game including rules for ranged and melee combat, an exhaustion mechanic, magical abilities and examples of game play throughout the book.
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