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The Story


You were adventures, travellers and heroes for hire.

You and your party had a mission, a quest if you will - slay the Beast Who Shakes the Earth (as the locals call it).

To reach it you descended into the dark, dangerous depths of the Caverns of Mourne. Aptly named.

You never reached the beast.

The last thing you remember was the war cries and overwhelming numbers of the underlurkers as they swarmed out of the darkness - and the desperate sounds of your friends as they fell under their claws and fangs.

Then you died.

... ...


You come round in more pain than you've ever known, the troll amulet around your neck burning against your skin and the taste of fresh blood in your mouth. You're crumpled in a corner, clothes torn, armour stripped, weapons and equipment gone but you're alive.


Your magic amulet, now fused and powerless, brought you back from the dead. Trouble is, you are miles underground, wounded, lacking weapons or supplies and your friends are dead.


Two questions come to mind - one, can you get out alive and two, can you avenge your friends on the way back?

Time for one final quest...

... ...


Completely self-contained game book


To play, all you need is:


  • This book (all the rules are in here)
  • Pack of regular playing cards (Final Quest specific cards will be available in May 2024)
  • A few d6 dice (8 of them is ideal)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • 12 Counters or pennies to track magic points, health and armour 


Version 1.2

Final Quest - PDF

  • This is the PDF version and will be available to download immediately on ordering. 

  • Physical copy coming May 2024, plus custom card deck

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