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The Oracle

We release a new issue of this 80+ page RPG supplement every month and pack it full of usable game content.

Each issue has a specific theme and we include a wide variety of content, all relating to that theme. Content includes advice articles, NPCs, creatures, locations, random generators, magic items, story hooks and so on. Content ranges from long form articles to short pieces and the whole supplement is fully illustrated. We understand that you want to be entertained whilst you read a monthly publication like this!

A selection of creatures taken from the pages of The Oracle was collected and republished in Hal and Rogers Creature Compendium which was nominated for an ENNIE award. We also have loyal readers who have been with us since issue one and several who have joined midway through our publishing history only to go back, and collect the full back-catalogue.

Each issue stands on it's own so you can pick and choose titles based on the theme that you want extra content for.

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