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You have here a treasure trove of fantasy RPG musings and ideas wrapped up in a hardback novel sized book. 


Over 75 eclectic questions answered including


  • How to structure campaigns
  • Making in-game Travel interesting
  • Designing noir style adventures
  • Running game sessions
  • Fantasy prosthetic ideas
  • Inter-dimensional rifts
  • New NPCs and locations plus detailed backgrounds for both
  • Psychic Squids (from another dimension), Living fog and other creatures
  • Bizarre organisations
  • even a creation myth

And more!


Written by an ENNIE award winning RPG author this collection was crafted around questions posed by Kickstarter backers in early 2022. They had free rein to ask anything rpg-related and they had a blast with the weird and wonderful, as well as the often asked - how to make journeys interesting, how to run a chase sequence and how to run campaigns.


Lightly illustrated, you get 235 novel sized pages packed with richly written words full of advice, suggestions and RPG inspiration!


This is a fabulous little hardback book, perfect for browsing whilst having a coffee or waiting for the GM to get their notes together. (Or for a GM to browse whilst the players find their character sheets and stop talking about the latest show they watched!)


Book Sections Include


  • Adventure design    Pgs 5 - 44
  • Adventure Ideas    Pgs 45 - 62
  • Running Game sessions    Pgs 63 - 82
  • Creatures    Pgs 83 - 104
  • Items    Pgs 105 - 132
  • Locations    Pgs 133 - 176
  • NPCs    Pgs 177 - 202
  • Organisations    Pgs 203 - 210
  • Fiction    Pgs 211 - 235

You Ask, I Write Vol 1 - Print

  • PDF version available here

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