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In the aftermath of the fall of the galaxy-spanning human empire, a few brave souls make their living as starship scavengers.

You are one of them.

A day in the office for you is exploring a dark, derelict starship, looking for valuable data and salvage. Sounds great, right? Admittedly there are the issues of aggressive alien lifeforms, rogue mechs and deadly environmental hazards.

But hey, you work for yourself, so it’s all good, right? And maybe, just maybe, this time you’ll make the big haul…  


Following on from a super successful Kickstarter we are delighted to be able to present this solo play, space exploration game.


This bundle includes:


  • Starship Scavengers rule book (52 pages)
  • HMS Brutus, adventure (52 pages)
  • 3 Reference Cards
  • Deck of 8 Encounter Cards detailing the creatures stats and abilities 


Rulebook (52 pages) - all you need to play the game including a full character generator, weapon, ammunition and equipment options plus a sample ship and creatures to fight.

HMS Brutus (52 pages) - your first full assignment, the derelict starship designated HMS Brutus has come on your scope and you are going inside to find what salvage and data you can retrieve.  

Reference Cards - to make playing easier we include a map for HMS Brutus, combat summary and range summary cards.

Deck of 8 Encounter cards - these tarot sized cards can be used in place of rolling on the encounter table in the book and instead you shuffle and draw from the deck when you run into a creature. Multiple decks (from other adventures) can also be combined together to create bespoke encounter decks for use either in the adventures or independently in your own bespoke games


Starship Scavengers - Core Game Bundle

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