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Gaming Should Be Fun


That stomach-churning, throat choking sense of dread and panic that comes from not being prepared... no one wants that.

That desperate worry that the players will ask too many questions about the NPC or want to understand more about the local guilds or want to explore places you haven't prepared... no one wants that either.

And no Games Master wants to disappoint their players with boring magic items, challenge them with the same creatures week after week or present locations that are just the same as the campaign before... 

What every Games Masters wants is to be able to confidently run a creative, exciting and engaging game session.


At the most basic level this means knowing who your NPCs are, where they come from and who they know locally. It means being able to drop in locations and describe them in enough detail to satisfy the players curiosity without derailing the main story. And you want to have creative magic items without them being game-breaking.

I am sure you agree there are challenges.

The real question is - what's the solution?

Well, like anything as wonderfully complex and rich as a roleplaying game it isn't just about doing one thing. It's about doing several things well, getting into good habits and developing some skills.​

It's also about having the correct tools for the job - whether that's an initiative tracker, a spare set of dice for the player who always forgets theirs, or a magazine full of premade content designed for quick drop-in access to your campaigns.

I write a magazine every month that provides a lot of unique system-free content and gaming advice that can help you become a legendary games master. And I'm happy to give you a copy, absolutely for free, when you attend my next private

Be Legendary, Games Master Session.

Hosted on Zoom, this is an entirely free chance to talk with me about your gaming challenges, explore quick tips and techniques for making your gaming life easier and see for yourself how you can use the content in my magazine to aid your gaming sessions.​

Limited to 10 people in each session I will talk about game preparation tips, building a powerful story narrative, techniques on creating new creatures almost instantly, thoughts on magic items, world-building and more.

We will also look at your biggest gaming challenges!

You will leave with tips, advice and a totally free copy of The Oracle RPG magazine which is 52+pgs and stuffed full of content. 


To book, click the button below.

Who Am I?


Stephen Hart​

UK based

Freelance RPG Writer

Ex-Corporate trainer and coach

This year is my 40th year of playing roleplay games... but I started young so I'm not that old. Well, okay, maybe... but that's not the point - the point is that I fell in love with RPGs a long time ago and I've played them every since. 

Systems I've played include Dungeons and Dragons (Basic, Expert, Advanced through to 4e & 5e), Tunnels and Trolls, Traveller, Star Trek, Call of Cthulhu, Mork Borg and many others... 

Over a year ago now thanks to a little prompting from Covid I changed career paths and I now make my living writing RPG books and supplements. 

I'm also the creative force behind and have written and designed pretty much everything you see on this website!


Who's this for?

Anyone who want's to improve their GMing.

What game system is this for?

The advice shared is system-neutral so it fits regardless of the game system you use.

What genre is this for?


Is it really free?

Yes, completely.

Why are you doing this?

I love to share my knowledge and help people enjoy their gaming more, it's why I was a corporate trainer and coach for fifteen years.

Why Abracadabra?

Named after my book of the same name  where I outline many of the techniques we will talk about.

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