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The Hunt for Sunblade Tower


We are very excited to announce a collaboration between Awfully Queer Heroes and The Grinning Frog to bring you an exciting, new adventure compatible with the worlds greatest roleplaying game!

Running to a full 64 pages of illustrated hex adventure you get a lot of bang for your buck... specifically:​

  • New variations on existing creatures

  • Unique creatures

  • New plant life

  • New spells

  • Air and land encounters

  • Interesting player handouts that provide story clues

  • Handouts provided in the adventure for reference and as separate files for ease of handing out to players

  • Professional art content

  • Engaging Storyline

  • Free form adventure that can be tackled in multiple ways*

  • Fits seamlessly into any existing 5e campaign

*in fact, your characters could travel around the area listed, never 'finish' the adventure, and actually still have a lot of adventures and a great time!

Story line in a sentence

The party are hired by a concerned merchant who is trying to locate his uncle-in-law who has vanished whilst hunting for the mythical Sunblade Tower.


Awfully Queer Heroes exists to bring some balance to the gaming table and such this adventure presents NPCs with a range of sexual identities and orientations. We have also made sure that all NPCs are presented as real people and not labels.


We also provide clear advise on page 1 of the adventure that if you need to make changes to the story or characters to fit your personal preferences and that of your players then by all means do so.​

As always with The Grinning Frog we want everyone to be comfortable and feel included.


The first in a planned series of Kickstarter campaigns that will expand on the backstory to the Sunblade's this is completely written, laid out and awaits only final editing prior to going to the printers! Fulfilled to backers will be in May.

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Sample pages

All pages are lower resolution, WIP, pre-editing samples.

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