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31 May - 
23 June

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This stand-alone adventure is the first in a series from ENNIE award winning RPG author Stephen Hart, specifically designed for experienced Dungeon Masters.


YOU are provided with all the content, tables, new creatures, challenges, maps etc. that you would expect in an adventure and we will respect your experience as a Dungeon Master and provide options and flexibility that you can work with to craft a unique game experience.

No two DMs will run this adventure the same way...

The Adventure


Human Version

Two weeks ago at the Battle of Boulder Hill, which saw orc invaders clash with human defenders, Sir Redmayne fell in valiant battle with the orc foes. His horse was slain, and its magical armour and his ancestral sword were taken. Word has now reached his grieving widow that Sir Redmayne’s armour and sword are to be melted down in a foul ritual by the orc chieftain and his dark mage.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Lady Redmayne will pay good money and honour the brave band of heroes who venture through the post-battle wilderness, locate the orc camp, and retrieve the items. 

The First Twist

Adventure Outline – Orc Version (DM Info only)


Da boys smashed humies at Boulder Hill. Big knight on supa' fast horse fought like demon. Our big boss got im but was big hard fight. Took armour n sword. We honour him, melt 'em for the goddess.


Yes, what the widow thinks isn't what is happening. But don't worry - the orcs in this adventure aren't some sort of pacifistic softies, they will quite happily kill the party stone dead but they do respect a strong opponent... who Sir Redmayne was.

There are further twists and the sandbox nature of the adventure provides everyone with a chance to fight, talk or negotiate with different NPCs as they see fit. There are civilians, shrines to pray at, merchants to help and the orcs themselves...

For the full details click the Kickstarter link below - where you can also view the first 'animated' film short from The Grinning Frog - yes really! (Spielberg has nothing to worry about but we quite like it.)

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