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17 August

Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities

After a sell out limited edition in January we are delighted to be rereleasing this book.​

If you're a busy Dungeon Master looking for a collection of magic items that comes preloaded with adventure hooks, backstories and options then this is for you.

Inside you will find, over the 188 pages of content:

  • 91 Main items

  • 40+ Name Variations

  • 120+ Named NPCs

  • Over 200 adventure hooks

Each main item has information in the following sections:

  • History - This is the backstory. It might be a few paragraphs, half a page (the most common length) or even as much as a page and a half.

  • Illustration - Along with the description each item is illustrated - usually being used, worn or in the hands of a person or creature but occasionally just the item

  • Reputation - What’s the general world view of the item? For example is it hated, revered or outlawed?

  • Damage and Repairs - The items abilities vary based on their condition. This section outlines this plus offers recommended materials to repair them (if possible).

  • Copies - Variations on the items are presented effectively increasing the number of magic items in the book. Their differing abilities are presented. 

  • Location - Where is it most likely to be found or are these items outlawed or particularly desired.

  • Stats - Full stats for 5e are provided


The digital copies will be sent at the end of the campaign. The printed copies will be posted out within 14 days.

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Backer Feedback

Got mine today Stephen. It is beautiful and full of good stuff.  As I expected of course. Thank you for another wonderful, beautiful, useful book!

Singapore backer here. I just got my limited edition today! It's beautiful! It has a coffee-table-book vibe going for it! I particularly like the choice of font and the organised, airy layout. Thanks for a wonderful product!

I just received my hard copy and I have to say it looks awesome. I will take it with me to my holidays!

I really love the items and some of them are going to be used in the game I'm currently running.  The artwork is stunning too.

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