Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities


Following on from our very successful first hardbacked book - Abracadabra: A Guide to Being a Magical Gamesmaster we are delighted to present this collection of unique magic items all carefully selected, detailed and written to enhance your campaigns.

Book Content

To describe this book as a collection of magical items is to do it a disservice. Many of these items are the type of items that adventurers go on quests for - finding them in a pile of treasure is so 1970's. We provide you with much better options for your 2021 and beyond games by including story rich content and context for these items to enable you to use them in a wide variety of ways as easily as possible.

In total we expect to include around 150 magical oddities - comprised of circa 75 core items and at least as many variations (but likely more). In addition we expect there to be over 200 story hooks, approximately 100 named NPCs and the book will run to a minimum of 200 pages.

To create consistency and make the ideas more usable we present information in the following sections for each core item:

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Categories of items

We list the items in the following categories

Sample page layouts

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