This is filled with great fantasy art which is used to showcase and highlight the quick to read, bite-sized prompts that are presented. The pictures are also used as creative prompts with thought-provoking questions referencing the illustrations.


This is an art book that educates. Something to flick through for inspiration, guidance and assistance. System-neutral it is suitable for anyone playing any fantasy RPG systems!


No longer will you have to wade through pages of dense text to gain inspiration, tips or guidance for your next adventure. In tasteful columns of text, questions and pictorial prompts you will be quickly and easily find advice and inspiration that will make being a Dungeon Master or Games Master easier!


I have two aims with his book - to entertain with beautiful artwork from some of the finest artists around and to educate and up-skill you with tricks and tips that are easy to learn and easy to implement at the gaming table.


However good a Dungeon Master or Games Master you are at the moment I guarantee you will find something of value in this book.

The book is A4 size and is best viewed on a laptop or large screen! It is 316 pages long.


The book is broken down into two halves - the first half, filled with creative prompts to make you a better writer, GM and adventure designer. The second half is an A-Z gallery of creatures showcasing hundreds of pieces of inspirational art.


The book covers a lot of ground and is in the following categories:

  • Adventure Design
  • Characters
  • Action
  • Creatures
  • Magic
  • Story Telling
  • A - Z Art Gallery of Creatures*
  • At the Game Table


* We have chosen 1 creature for each letter of the alphabet (okay we cheated with X)


Each section contains multiple

  • Creative exercises
  • Quotes
  • GM writing, design and gaming advice
  • Fabulous art
  • Picture prompt questions
  • Gaming resources


The original Kickstarter can be found here


Sadly, the hardcopies have all been purchased but the pdf's are available so order today!


Reader Feedback


I just finished reading through Abracadabra and I just had to message you saying how great it is! The story NPC generator table you came up with is wonderful! It has so many unique descriptions that I could've never thought of. And the sections for location design and traps are perfect for what my campaign is going to be running into soon.




Stephen's books are beatiful and worth even limited shelf space.






Abracadabra: A Guide to Becoming a Magical Games Master

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