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A whimsical, yet potentially dangerous adventure, where the party are trapped inside a magical snow globe and must fulfil a specific mission - if they are to ever escape!




Here, hold this a moment...


And the moment that one of the player characters touches the snow globe, they and their party are whisked away inside the pocket dimension nestled inside the crystal orb.

The way out? Find the Ice Queen’s crown. Simple, right? 

This module fits into any ongoing adventure, as it all takes place inside of a snow globe. (You can’t get much more self-contained than that.) Inside the snow globe, reality is not all it seems, as the characters will discover. They will also discover new challenges, such as tobogganing, thieving snowball-throwing monkeys, an unusual medusa, a village that tastes as good as it looks, and quests within quests (in a good way).

This is a fun, winter-themed adventure that takes no more than one or two sessions to run and has a lot of potential for both comedy and shocks! 

The adventure finishes in traditional style with a boss fight with the ice queen. You didn’t expect her to just hand her crown over, did you?


NOTE. This is NOT a Christmas adventure, it's a Winter adventure (No Santa - or reindeer!)




  • STYLE Light hearted and fun
  • INCLUSION IN OTHER CAMPAIGNS As long as your fantasy world has glass orbs, this can fit!
  • SCALABILITY Easier to scale it down than up.
  • LENGTH 1-2 sessions
  • GAME SYSTEM 5e compatible, easily adaptable
  • FORMAT 32 pages, A4 portrait, soft cover, fully illustrated with 'show them' art


Clenderi's Snow Globe - PDF

  • This is for the PDF VERSION.

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