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This beautiful A5 zine can be used as a quick RPG game, as a writing tool or for solo journaling - or even all three together!

What it will be for you depends on how you choose to use it. 


Your three choices


  1. Game - invent a character and take them through the pages, discovering who they are and what makes them tick. Absolutely not serious and just a lot of fun!
  2. Writing Tool - take an invented character that you want to discover more about and, as you work through the questions, details will emerge to power you through any writing block you might be suffering.
  3. Solo journaling - work through the pages, exploring your own personality and feelings on a journey of self-exploration and development.


How it works

The book covers core topics that relate to personality, motivation and personal psychology and then asks the reader inciteful questions about those topics. Using question chains, the questions take the reader deeper into their answers until some fundamental truths emerge.

Each page contains a range of questions, many lead on from the preceding questions taking you on a journey of self discovery. Inciteful quotes can be found in the book as well and all supported by some truly beautiful artwork.

You deserve beauty


Whether you're gaming, developing your written work or journaling, we believe that you deserve to be surrounded by beauty, so we have worked hard to produce a book with real artistry and elegance. The font and images have been selected with great care to enhance the reading experience.


Have a look at the images that will provide you with a clear idea of what you are getting. 


    • 150gsm silk paper
    • 250gsm soft-touch smooth cover giving a luxurious feel
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