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Channelling a locked room puzzle adventure with a challenge dungeon, the players will have to think and be creative to solve the puzzles and locate the exit. (Not to mention to navigate the moral dilemmas that might arise from the NPCs also trapped in the crucible.)




The Crucible awaits the unlucky.


Once the testing ground for the brightest, bravest and best of the kingdom’s warriors and adventurers, the Crucible of Ixium lies dormant now. Legacy of a fallen kingdom, few now alive remember it, or its purpose.

Yet it is not gone; it remains. A trap for the unwary or the unlucky. For once the crucible is entered, the only way out is through the trap- and puzzle-filled corridors and rooms. And what was once regulated and controlled now recognises no oversight. The magic inside is erratic and wild, knowing no limits.

And then there are the trapped… those who haven’t made it through, yet manage to survive. Hungry, wounded and with only a tenuous grip on reality. They are maybe more dangerous than the crucible itself.

So tread carefully on your adventures, lest you take a wrong step and find yourself in the Crucible of Ixium…




  • STYLE Not quite horror but it is a little creepy in places - talking severed head vases, a trap that takes your face from your body and puts it into a painting and some NPCs who are not quite as rational as they'd like to think they are.
  • INCLUSION IN OTHER CAMPAIGNS The events take place in a pocket dimension and the adventure starts with the party falling through a portal to it - so can fit into any fantasy adventure you are running.
  • SCALABILITY Due to the low adversary count, easy to modify the difficulty. Combat light, puzzle and NPC focused.
  • LENGTH 1-3 sessions
  • GAME SYSTEM 5e compatible, easily adaptable
  • FORMAT 32 pages, A4 portrait, soft cover, fully illustrated with 'show them' art



Crucible of Ixium - PRINT

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