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UPDATE July 8th, 2022 - ENNIE Award Nominated for Best Monster/Adversary 


Want to read about the exciting adventures of two brothers exploring and discovering new creatures for your fantasy RPG game?


Want 5e stats?


Want creatures you can build a story around instead of just using as a punch bag for the player characters?


Want creatures your player characters can use as a punching bag?


We got you covered for all of the above and more!


Use the coupon iamsoflattered to reduce the price by £5

Hal and Roger's Creature Compendium - 5e compatible

  • NOTE You receive a zip file immediately on purchase. That contains two versions of this book. One is a single page view, one is a double page view for those of you with large monitors. The content of both versions is identical.

  • Hardbacked version arriving soon.

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