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I'll have you know it isn't easy writing a system neutral trap booklet... so I took the route of using my resident minotaur NPC Rutus, who appears in the adventure The Three Trials of Abrina. He's a dab hand at creating traps so I used his voice so you get here a copy of his more recent journal entries that relate to traps as written down by himself. He's either seen the trap or built one himself.


He also has psychopathic tendances and doesn't have any issues cause pain and suffering - his view is if-  people are clumsy or fullish enough to trigger the trap then that's on them. 


He talks through, in his own unique way, how to build the traps, what damage they do and other matters relating to them. 

The entries were never meant for public scrutiny and in fact, they have been stolen from his workbench and are being discussed by two wizards - Vastral (and Amos), their back and forth communication (banter and bickering) forms the background to the traps.


So, one journal filled with 25 traps suitable for any fantasy system (you supply the mechanics) and two wizards commenting from the sidelines. That should be worth the price of admission!


Traps are:


  1. Acid Rain Pain
  2. Dead Fish  
  3. Zombie Bomb
  4. Dog Breath 
  5. Sisyphean Stairs
  6. The Boy and the Hag
  7. Oxo / Butterfly Wings
  8. Death Pillars
  9. Fire Key 
  10. Vastral’s Bird Cage
  11. Indoor Fishing
  12. Star Dust Dancers 
  13. Mirror of Istina
  14. Musical Glass
  15. Infernal Light
  16. Bull Rush
  17. Eternal Snakes
  18. Deaduns Pit
  19. Madness Murals
  20. Straw Person
  21. Crispy Friends
  22. Hot Buttons
  23. Nature’s Kiss
  24. Blob Test
  25. Dark Puppets

Rutus, Vastral and Amos are recurring NPCs in several adventures, and in Vastral's case a book as well, all  produced by The Grinning Frog. They will be added to the shop soon.


A digital product you will receive a download link immediately on ordering.

Journal of a Predator - Traps

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