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It’s the 23rd century. The old world has gone, swept aside by the resource wars of the 22nd century. 
In the place of governments, there are now corporations, civilian militia, and the new digital churches worshipping at the feet of AI gods. 


From the ashes of the past the corporation cities have risen. Neo City wasn’t the first, but it is the largest.  

You can stay at the award-winning Singularity Hotel, take a pilgrimage to Prime Cathedral or enjoy a gamble at the famous Casino Seven.

But be careful when you venture onto the streets - criminal organisations, illegal data couriers, organ stealers, ninja droids, mecha hounds and cyber threats lurk in the shadows…


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A5 (digest) size

144 pages


Hardback version also available

PDF version also available


All original, system neutral content perfect for all near future, cyberpunk adventures.

Neo City Cyberpunk Location Guide Spiral Bound

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