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Ever wanted a truly pocket game? Ever wanted a fun solo game with oodles of variety? In either case, your wait is over! 


Pocket Quest fits inside a business card sized case as you can see in the pictures, yet it still packs a lot of fun.


Play across twelve turns as you attempt to raise your reputation by exploring the borders of your fantasy world in order that you can join the elite of society as you have always wanted.


Creatures, harsh landscapes and sheer bad luck will all cause you stress. End the game with more stress than reputation, and you rise through the social ranks fails!


Can be played as a solo journaling game, or a simple scored game - gain or lose reputation and stress each turn as you explore the wilds of your home.


The game comes with:


  • Three cards outlining the rules
  • An adventure record card
  • Encounters Table
  • 10 Encounter cards including
    • Creature cards
    • Locations
    • People
    • Strange events
    • Magic scrolls
    • Magic artifacts
  • 2  x 7mm dice (colours will vary)
  • Game case which holds everything - including the dice!


Nine of the encounter cards have 6 options on each card all of which are determined randomly each game, ensuring there is a ton of replay value in this game.


(12 random terms x (9 random cards x 6 options on each) x 3 success outcomes per encounter... that's a lot of game options that can fit in your pocket!) 


You will be challenged in three ways - against valour, fortitude and perception. These function the same mechanically in the game but add variety and thematic story telling possibilites when journaling your way through the game.


With each encounter you either win, fail, or almost succeed. Those options provide different amounts of stress and reputation and even that is randomised. As a designer (and gamer), I dislike fixed score games, especially ones for solo play. I want the maximum variability to ensure the game has replayability and longevity.)


Single Player

Time to play 15 - 20 minutes a game, longer if journaling (unless you write fast!)  


[Designer comment: I've never done much solo journaling but having run through Pocket Quest, and also Zilight several times doing it I've become a convert. The game comes on fourteen business sized cards so as you can imagine, you have to use your imagination to build on what is presented on them. As a writer, that was one of the real charms for me, and I think everyone who likes a roleplay games will also enjoy this.    


Play tester feedback


  1. 'That's crazy. How did you fit so much into that case?'
  2. 'I really enjoyed that. I don't like to journal so I played to beat my score each time. And it was hard.'
  3. 'I hate that hydra. He's going down next time.'


NOTE: The game is not endorsed or affiliated with Starling Bank at all, but we wanted to prove that it was genuinely as small as we said - hence using an old bank card in the second picture. (They should be pleased we picked them, and not our other bank - free publicity!) 




Pocket Quest - Fantasy

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