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*This listing is for backers of the Neo City kickstarter only. If you were not a backer, please do not purchase. They will go on general sale shortly.*


To go with our Neo City cyberpunk location guide we have a small number of these fabulous replica data cards for sale. 


Made of 3mm thick (1/8 inch) genuine PERSPEX® and etched on the back with a digital wiring schematic and printed on the front with reflective ink to create a truly stunning player handout.

(Being semi-transparent, the wiring image can be seen through on the front. With the black card, this is almost hidden until it is lifted up to the light when it becomes stunningly clear.)


Business card size (see photos for measurements) these are explained in the book and represent the data cards that we present as being used by data couriers to transport confidential digital informtion from location to location within our future world city. 


You will get two cards: one red, and one black card in your order. 

Replica Data Cards

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