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A classic wilderness adventure with creative optional encounters and a specific destination.


More detail:


Two weeks ago at the Battle of Boulder Hill, which saw orc invaders clash with human defenders, Sir Redmayne fell in valiant battle with the orc foes. His horse was slain and it’s magical armour and his ancestral sword taken.


- So the bards are telling it in the Ballad of Sir Redmayne -


Word has now reached his grieving widow that the horses armour and Sir Redmaynes sword are to be melted down in a foul ritual by the orc chieftain and his dark mages.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Lady Redmayne will pay good money and honour the brave band of heroes who venture through the post-battle wilderness, locate the orc camp, and retrieve the items.


But what if she has it wrong?




Sir Redmayne has fallen.


Hired by the widow Lady Redmayne to retrieve the arms and armour of her fallen husband from the orc chieftain who slew him in battle, the player characters must travel through a dangerous, post-battle wilderness to reach the chieftain’s camp in time to prevent the items being melted down by the chieftain’s mage-priest.


This module features a uniquely self-generated wilderness journey that runs across nine days of game time. The players will encounter creatures, soldiers, mercenaries and civilians, as well as unique location encounters – all randomly produced through story-rich creation tables.


Once the initial journey is completed, the party find themselves at their destination – the orc chieftain’s encampment. The challenge then is how to enter and retrieve the armour without alerting the guards!


Assuming they are still alive, the party’s return journey is randomly generated, influenced by the events that occur in the orc camp.




  • STYLE Classic wilderness trek to a specific location with random events along the way
  • INCLUSION IN OTHER CAMPAIGNS You need an area with a border dispute with orcs and to have intelligent orcs with a culture, otherwise, very easy. 
  • SCALABILITY Easy to modify the difficulty by changing out the creatures but you'd need to replace the orcs with a different species that has similar characteristics.
  • LENGTH - 4 sessions (The party go out to find the orcs, retrieve the armour, then return. There are optional encounters in both journey directions.)
  • GAME SYSTEM 5e compatible, easily adaptable
  • FORMAT 36 pages, A4 portrait, soft cover, fully illustrated with 'show them' art

The Ballad of Sir Redmayne - PDF

  • This is for the PDF VERSION.

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