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A completely open world hex based wilderness adventure. The party is hired by a concerned merchant who is trying to locate his uncle-in-law who vanished whilst hunting for the mythical Sunblade Tower. 




A lover of adventure stories, the merchant insists on accompanying the party he hires, this being his first real excuse for a real world adventure. He’s new to adventuring so his presence might be more of a hindrance than a help, although he does have some talents.

This is a wilderness adventure. The party will travel freely through a haunted forest and bandit-infested roads before encountering a huge canyon, the only bridge across being securely held by trolls.


Through negotiation, trickery or force, the party will need to get past the trolls into the wildlands beyond. Or they might turn aside, seeking another route, and find themselves getting involved in a lovers’ tiff between an aeronaut and a harpy clan.

On the far side of the chasm is a large scrubland area, bordered to the north and south by rugged hills and mountains. A swamp hugs the northern mountains.

The party will need to negotiate with the local inhabitants to learn information that will hopefully lead them in the right direction. Journal notes, letters and items of equipment belonging to the uncle can be found if the party are diligent.

The adventure will see the party battling many foes, including gold-stealing spectres, trolls, harpies, lizardkin, giant bees and other savage wildlife.

With locations to explore, clues to uncover, NPCs to charm, creatures to fight, and an engaging story to adventure through, players of all persuasions will find something to enjoy as they track the uncle-in-law and inadvertently find themselves following in his footsteps and on the hunt for Sunblade Tower.

As this is a free-form adventure, it is entirely possible that the party will never succeed in locating the uncle-in-law or discovering what happened to him. And Sunblade Tower has been missing for years – who’s to say this hunt will be more successful? 




  • STYLE Classic open world style hex adventure with combat and NPC interactions sprinkled throughout. 
  • INCLUSION IN OTHER CAMPAIGNS Designed to be tucked into a remote part of a fantasy world and should be suitable for all. Note. The adventure ends when the party reach the Sunblade Tower but they do not enter. You could have the adventure lead to any specific tower of your own choosing without it messing up the story.
  • SCALABILITY The adventure automatically scales as it progresses. You could increase or decrease this as you needed. 
  • LENGTH 4-6+ sessions - open ended, the party can  explore the area freely.  
  • GAME SYSTEM 5e compatible, adaptable
  • FORMAT Adventure book, 64 pages, A4 portrait, 10 player handouts representing journal entries found plus a 16 page journal from the missing uncle, fully illustrated. Player handouts are provided in image and PDF format. 


NOT available in print currently.

The Hunt for Sunblade Tower - PDF

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