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The Adventure - Player version


The invitations have gone out and as travelling heroes, the party have been invited as guests of honour to The Midnight Ball. 


An exclusive gathering, everyone who is anyone will be in attendance, including local aristocracy, land owners and other high ranking members of the community. 


Held in a private mansion, magically shielded from attack and fully staffed, this is a chance for the party to rest from their adventures and meet potential new patrons. Leaving armour, worn travelling boots and weapons at their tavern they can dress in their finest frocks and with a drink in their hand dance and socialise the night away.


The only discordant note? No one can remember when the house was built or who used to live there.


The Adventure - DM version


It’s a long story (we fully explain in the adventure), but the two most important things to know in brief is that the house is sentient, and it’s forgotten that it is no longer situated on the mortal plane but is in fact in the hellscape.


Which wouldn’t be a problem, except the house is started to remember, and when it becomes fully aware the house, and everyone in it, will be transported straight to hell.


Experienced Dungeon Masters


This stand-alone adventure is the second from ENNIE award winning RPG author Stephen Hart, specifically designed for experienced Dungeon Masters.


YOU are provided with all the content, tables, new creatures, challenges, maps etc. that you would expect in an adventure and we will respect your experience as a Dungeon Master and provide options and flexibility that you can work with to craft a unique game experience.


No two DMs will run this adventure the same way...


Roleplay Heavy


Wait, come back - there are plenty of things to fight/combat (although the player characters will be dressed in fine clothes and unarmed - ahem)  but this is much more about roleplaying and solving the mystery behind strange manifestations that start to happen as the night moves on.


With 20 NPC events, many of which can happen independently, there are a lot of people for the player characters to interact with. All the events are unique and form a background for the evening whilst the main mystery unfolds.


We know that managing lots of NPCs can be challenging so we have provided a simple and clear format along with space for you to make your DM notes directly in the book.



  • Two booklets - 34 page adventure booklet plus 40 page location guide
  • Unique storyline
  • Layout provides space to record DM prep notes at key points facilitating easy play
  • Complete mini-card game included
  • 20+ NPCs to meet and engage with
  • Fully described, multi-floored, 56 room+ location

The Midnight Ball - PDF

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