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An intricate, social NPC focused mystery adventure which also features a sentient house, which, when it wakes up, will find itself, along with everyone inside it, transported to hell!




As travelling heroes, the party have been invited as guests of honour to The Midnight Ball. 


It’s an exclusive gathering. Everyone who is anyone will be in attendance, including local aristocracy, landowners and other high-ranking members of the community.


Held in a private mansion, magically shielded from attack and fully staffed, this is a chance for you to rest from your adventures. 


Leaving armour, worn travelling boots and weapons at your tavern, you can dress in your finest frocks and jackets and, with a drink in hand, dance and socialise the night away.

The only discordant note? No one can remember when the house was built or who used to live there.


- - - - - - -


This module features a truly unique storyline from an award winning RPG author, a fully detailed 56 room manor house, over 100 named NPCs, 20 social engagements, complete rules for a gambling side-game, advice, and stats for fighting with furniture and brand new creatures.

With different types of random events occurring at different time periods over a four-hour in-game period and complete freedom for the players to investigate (or not) any location at any time, this adventure will never run the same way twice!  

Players’ decisions matter! 


Dance, flirt, gamble, socialise, eat, make deals, break up fights or even investigate – the players have a wealth of options at their disposal. But, unknown to them, if they delay too long, the house, and everyone in it, will go straight to hell. 




  • STYLE Mysterious, intricate and gets darker and scarier as the story goes on
  • INCLUSION IN OTHER CAMPAIGNS Designed to fit between adventures when the party have gained a level of fame. The manor house comes with a complete map of the three floors and could be taken and used easily outside of the adventure itself. 
  • SCALABILITY Whilst the adventure starts with lots of social interactions, there is considerable scope for combat later. Multiple new creatures are provided which could be scaled up or down or replaced with different fiends. As the creatures are all from hell, easier to scale up.
  • LENGTH 4-8 sessions
  • GAME SYSTEM 5e compatible, adaptable
  • FORMAT Two books, 32 pages and 42 pages, A4 portrait, soft cover, fully illustrated with 'show them' art



The Midnight Ball - PRINT

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