January 2021 Issue, 52 pages


Shadowrealm Themed 


This is a fully illustrated fantasy RPG magazine that is system-neutral so fits for ANY fantasy RPG game system. Designed in a modern landscape format this is chock full of ideas for you as a Dungeon Master or Games Master.




  • DM Advice - On what the Shadowrealm (dimension) is and the different ways you can represent it in your games
  • 6 Tundra Story Hooks
  • 1 Detailed NPC organisation - The Order of the Shimmering Gate - mystic knights who shepherd the souls of the dying to the afterlife
  • 12 Non Player Characters with motives and descriptions
  • 4 Shadowrealm Creatures
  • 4 Magic items including a magic alter, jewellery, a weapon and magic crystals
  • 2 Events that occur in the Shadowrealm6 Trinkets and Treasures (small items that can be found in pockets etc)
  • 3 Locations
  • 10 Things to See
  • 4 Random Encounters1 Picture Prompt


A digital product you will get a download link immediately on ordering.

The Oracle 08 -Shadowrealm