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February 2022 Issue, 56 pages


Faith, Love and Fanatics Theme  


The Tears of Ishme adventure path continues this issue with another 5e compatible adventure which can be combined with last months adventure or run on its own as a side quest. It fits any adventure that has a mountain in it!


We also explore love - not so much the soft and fluffy kind but the darker side when love turns to obsession and fanatical love in the service of a darker cause. All good fun we assure you! And this translates into new creatures, new magic items and new NPCs. 


This is a fully illustrated fantasy RPG magazine that is system-neutral so fits for ANY fantasy RPG game system. Designed in a modern landscape format this is chock full of ideas for you as a Dungeon Master or Games Master.




  • Gaming Advice (6 pgs) - Using love as a motivator for NPCs, exploring love as a form of madness and how to use love for comedy effect
  • Godless beliefs (2pgs) - Cults that don't worship a deity but something else instead
  • 18 Adventure hooks relating to the above cults
  • Tears of Ishme Adventure Path Episode Two (11 pgs) - (Can be run as an independent side quest) - Includes 3 new creatures with stat blocks, 1 NPC plus animal companion, both with stat blocks
  • 4 detailed NPCs - 1 dutiful angel, 1 deranged necromancer, 1 ranger and their companion animal (from Ishme) and 1 chaos demon - all deeply in love with something
  • Hal and Rogers Creature Report - featuring four creatures
  • Magic Items - five new magic items introduced
  • Gaming Advice (3 pgs) - How to create and use double dice tables
  • Short Fiction (3 pgs) - A conversation in a bar about love potions
  • Love, Duty and Obligation - A personal view on love from the author
  • Picture prompt - 12 questions to prompt your creativity


A digital product you will receive a download link immediately on ordering.

The Oracle 20 - Faith, Love and Fanatics

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