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October 2023 Issue, 52 pages


Moon Magic


This issue we look life on the ocean waves, and run into a lot of pirates and strange ships before we dive under the waves and find some very strange treasure... Check out the contents page below: 


Lots of content in this full sized magazine: 


  • Moon Magic Design 6 -15
  • Designing Spells, 9 new spells and influencing spells by moonlight.
  • Moon Blades: New magic items: The blades of the lunashi.
  • Hal and Roger - Creature Report: Introducing Estrelans, Moon Vipers, Portal Ray, Nark, Chkra, Moora and Moon Spawn.
  • Magic Items with flaws… Including Boots of Grounding, Knife of Reinvigoration, Ring of Audio Clarity, Projection Book, Mirror of Disaster.
  • Jackanory, review corner: Two books focusing on the moon reviewed.
  • Unusual animals - These don’t do what you’d expect: Ticu, Blazing Macaw, Feline Burrower, Golden Wolf.
  • Moon Madness: What it is, where it might come from, how to use it and story ideas/options.
  • Lunashi, A new character race. Their history, current situation, mindset, physiology, allies, foes and more…


This is a fully illustrated fantasy RPG magazine that is system-neutral so fits for ANY fantasy RPG game system. Designed in a modern landscape format this is chock full of ideas for you as a Dungeon Master or Games Master.


A digital product you will receive a download link immediately on ordering.

The Oracle 40 - Moon Magic

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