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In brief - over 90 story rich main magic items, roughly 60 additional items, 100+ named NPCs, adventure hooks for every item, advice on using the items and adapting them to your play and two in-game narrators discussing the items. (188 pages in total, fully illustrated.) 


Each item is designed to have a rich background that gives you a base to build a quest or adventure from. This is NOT a boring catelogue of magic items, this is a book full of stories about magic items that you then learn specific 5e stats for - including what happens to their power when they are damaged or how their powers change if you repair them with different materials to those they were built from.


There is a LOT of content in this book. Over 20,000 words of adventure hooks alone and those are just to support the magic items!


The magic items are diverse and cover a lot of ground. They are in the following categories:

  • Items for Animal Companions
  • Items to Wear
  • Furniture
  • Transport
  • Weapons
  • Wondrous Items
  • Sets of items


Each magic item entry contains details relating to:

  • Item history - detailed backstories are included
  • Reputation - what's the general world view of the item?
  • Damage and Repairs - the items abilities often vary based on their condition. This section outlines this plus offers recommended material to repair them - often this causes their powers to change.
  • Copies - Variation on the items are presented in many cases
  • Location - Where the items are most likely to be found and any places where they are outlawed or particularly desired
  • Stats - full stats for 5e


The original Kickstarter can be found here (technically the second Kickstarter as been launched, sold out and been reprinted already in 2021!)


Reader Feedback


Got mine today Stephen. It is beautiful and full of good stuff. As I expected of course. Thank you for another wonderful, beautiful, useful book.




Singapore backer here. I just got my limited edition today. It's beautiful! It has a coffee-table-book vibe going for it! I particularly like the choice of font and the oragnised, airy layout. Thanks for a wonderful product.




I just received my copy and I have to say it looks awesome. I will take it with me to my holidays!




I really love the items and some of them are going to be used in the game I'm currently running. The artwork is stunning too.




Files updated 20 September 2022 to fix an error in the Window of Dreams entry

Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities - PDF

  • NOTE You receive a zip file immediately on purchase. That contains two versions of this book. One is a single page view, one is a double page view for those of you with large monitors. The content of both versions is identical.

  • Hardbacked version arriving soon.

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