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Vastral's Deck of Many Items is a big fat deck of 56 playing cards, each of which outlines an original magic item. 


Designed to fit perfectly into your DnD5e campaigns, these can easily be converted to other game systems if desired.


The cards have been designed with the idea that you will hand them to players, who will then have them as a visual reference of the item. One side has a picture and keywords, whilst the other side has the full details of the powers of the items.


And, speaking of powers, most of the items have more than one power, and some have limitations or drawbacks that the players will need to consider when using them. Great power may, or may not come with great responsibility but the author firmly believes it should come with consequences.


Such as the Cloak of Nullifaction which has a 50% chance to negate all magic thrown at a character but also prevents that character from using any magic items, or the Bell of Luring that will bring an animal to the party (great for hunting) but you can't control what it is and it might be the hunters become the hunted!


And that's how we roll. Have a power, maybe more than one, but sometimes there is a price to pay, or a risk to take.


As with the three volumes of Vastral's Guide of Magical Oddities that we have written over the last three years, we have given a lot of thought to ensure that the powers have the potential for creative use by the player.


You might wonder, what good is coating someone with a shimmering coat of stars using the Ring of Stars? Well, they are going to have a really hard time sneaking away from you whilst glowing silver, or maybe you need to be able to see them as they descend into a dark void or... the list goes on and we have faith that the players, and you, will find creative uses for them.


As always, we encourage you to equip the villains of your stories with these items. Have them use them against the party, swallowing fireballs with the Jinn Jar, hitting that incredible arrow shot with the Archers Cap or making an impossible escape from jail with the innocent looking Portal Chalk.


Written by an ENNIE award winning author with a deep love of magic items that possibly borders on the obsessive. 

Vastral's Deck of Many Items

  • PDF version available here


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