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Aargh brains... and cards!

Right, what you have here are the much requested by players Zilight Egypt game cards. With this card deck, you can play directly from the cards, without having to refering to the rule book for what the cards mean.



With a regular deck of cards, you might turn over the K Clubs, and upon looking it up in the rulebook you learn it is the Tommy Gun, which is a great find. With the Zilight game cards, you turn over the card, which is the Tommy Gun, and it shows you on the card the Tommy Gun and all the details. It makes for a smoother, faster game.


You DO need to look up the rules in the rulebook (the rules are not on the cards) although we have included a bonus, double sided reference card to aid with rule reference as well as a bonus card which has the cat companion on it.





  • 56 card deck including three jokers representing companions who join you in your adventures (two people plus a cat) and a reference cards
  • Professionally printed on playing card stock by a specialist card game printer
  • Full colour tuck box included




Here's what real customers had to say:


  • The cards are awesome!
  • I feel like a kid at Christmas, these are so good.
  • I received both card decks for Egypt and Zilight Original. And that’s where my congratulations come in. First, they make the game so much more fluid. They’re great to use. And second, I am amazed by their quality. They are easy to shuffle, and it is obvious that they will not get damaged easily. And since they need to be shuffled often, it is that much more appreciated. So, to repeat what was said above, thank you and congratulations.




Zilight Egypt - Game Cards

  • Zilight Egypt PRINTED version available here (print bundle available) 

    Zilight Egypt PDF version available here


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