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Final Quest and a monthly update

Hey dear reader.

It turns out that the last time I blogged on my own website was almost a year ago...

In my defence, since that time, I think we have launched, and fulfilled, around fifteen Kickstarters so we have been pretty busy. Still, if this is a way to say hello to our loyal backers (and casual buyers) then we should probably be doing more of this so I will try.

Let's do a quick round up of what's happening right now, which is 7 March 2024 at the time of writing.


  • Zilight Egypt - posting was just completed of this solo play game, along with the bespoke decks of cards. To do: Add the extra copies to the webstore.

  • Starship Scavengers: Station Thirty-One - the final books of this assignment for Starship Scavengers arrived from the printers a few hours ago and we have started to post. To do: Finish shipping the game then put it on the webstore.

  • Star Trader - the latest Pocket Quest game (and, thanks to the new printers, the prettiest so far). This is going out with Station Thirty-One. To do: As above

  • Frontier Gazette - the first issue of our supplement that expands the Starship Scavengers universe and can be used for inspiration for other sci-fi game systems as well. This was the item just returned from the printers and is being shipped now. To do: As above.

  • The Oracle Issue 43 - the PDF just shipped, the print copies have been ordered. To do: Ship out when it comes in from the printers.

  • Vastral's Deck of Many Items - this was successfully Kickstarted last month and is going through final writing prior to editing.


  • Final Quest is on Kickstarter right now - just launched and funded in 21 minutes! To do: Internally the final pages are being laid out on the rulebook and some final balance checks are being made. I'm very excited about this game as it seems to me it takes the best aspects of the Zilight games and adds a layer of story and focus which I really enjoy. Campaign Link

  • Frontier Patrol is the next Pocket Quest game and is currently being play tested. To do: Wait to hear from the play testers...

  • Frontier Gazette No. 2 - this comes out next month with the next Starship Scavengers campaign. I've not quite settled on the name of the adventure. The working title is Research Base D47 but that's a bit dull so I've got a list of alternatives and just need to pick one! To do: Write the issue.

  • Research Base D47 - talking of this adventure, this is being worked on at the moment. It is set on a jungle planet and is likely going to be another internal/external adventure in the style of Moon Crash - but with alien snakes, robot wardens and biogenic research specimens/survivors... To do: Write/playtest/decide on a name!


  • Webstore - needs massively updating with magazine issues and some game editions that aren't currently available. To do: Tons

  • Morgana - I'll admit, hit a roadblock with this game. A couple of the cards just don't work for me. I have a feeling that by the time I have finished Final Quest, that will unblock Morgana. For example, the blood magic mechanic that was going to debut in Morgana is going to be seen first in Final Quest. Sometimes creativity is like that. To do Wait until after FQ has run it's course.

  • Neo City Cyber Tarot - Another background personal project. This is bubbling away and I've got a test deck of cards being printed at the moment. This might come out with a new Neo City publication (tentatively called Neo City: Underground). To do: See where the muse takes me on this.

  • Podcast - We are very seriously planning to produce a regular podcast. Ill health has pushed this plans back slightly but we really want to do it. (That's Ryan and myself.). To do: Get everything else running smoothly before adding to the schedle.

  • Set up a blog schedule - I don't want the next one to be nine months from now so I will be looking at setting up a regular schedule. To do. What I just said!

  • Mailshot - And speaking of regular schedules, this needs to be set up and maintained. To do: Learn the new software and set up the people on it who have said they want to be on the mailshot!

All told, I've got quite a bit to do. Luckily, I've got a great team to help me - Ryan, Jane, and various others (yes, you too Gary!).

Right now, I'm late leaving for a game session with my son so I must dash but I will return - and not in nine months!

Until next time, keep gaming.



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댓글 2개

Looking at that checklist, it sounds like you should add one more to the team, Stephen! Ryan is likely going to have his hands full just updating the web store product pages. Maybe bring on someone part time to see where they get on that particular project with Ryan providing oversight.

답글 상대:

We could do with someone else, for now we have to rely on efficiency and the new office move will be good as we can lay things out in a super organised way for posting etc.

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