February 2021 Issue, 52 pages


Relationship Themed 


This is a fully illustrated fantasy RPG magazine that is system-neutral so fits for ANY fantasy RPG game system. Designed in a modern landscape format this is chock full of ideas for you as a Dungeon Master or Games Master.




  • Game Advice - Romance, Sex and RPGs
  • 12 Couple Archetypes
  • Things to Ponder about your loves and likes in RPGs
  • 4 NPC couples described in detail
  • Relationship Types outlined and advice on how to use them to create adventures
  • NPC Wedding described, story hooks, threats and NPCs included!
  • Picture Prompt - designed to get you thinking creatively
  • 3 New creatures who like to form relationships...
  • Kiss Me Until It Hurts - a monologue from a succubus to a captive knight...
  • 3 New Magic items that aid more than the person holding them
  • Story hooks regarding Forbidden Love, Lost Love and Love Actually
  • Trinkets and Treasures to find
  • Four locations introduced


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The Oracle 09 -Relationships


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