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Following on from a super successful Kickstarter we are delighted to be able to offer a preorder on this solo play, space exploration game.


This PDF bundle includes:


  • Starship Scavengers rule book (circa 50pgs)
  • HMS Brutus, adventure (52 pgs)
  • Moon Crash, adventure (pgs tbc)
  • 3 reference cards (can be home printed)


The game is due out in September 2023.


You can find a ton of extra content on the original Kickstarter page that ran in Aug 2023.


All images and content shown is work in progress and subject to change.


Note. This particular game was designed for a physical book format. You can run the game with just a digital copy but you will need to make notes and roll dice. The designer prefers the physical format. 



Starship Scavengers PDF bundle

  • Printed Bundle Available Here includes printed creature cards and printed reference cards

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