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Axe of Judgement (we killed some blogs)

Those of you who have dropped by regularly will be surprised to see that all of the blogs prior to 2023, going back to the start of the company have been removed.

As the website is having something of a overhaul it was only fitting that the blog had some attention as part of the process. We have better tools and greater capability to produce better looking content now and whilst the old material still holds up from a content perspective, it isn't what I'd want to share these days. As such, the blogs have been pulled back and I will go through them to see what content might come back in a new format.

And, whilst you are here and I am wielding the might axe of blog slaying, let me share a different axe that might be useful in your games. This actually appears as a magic item in issue 47 of The Oracle, (at the time of posting on Kickstarter here) in the hands of the Justice Bringers. A secret society sworn to bring justice to the world.

We present it here in the format that we have produced our Vastral's Deck of Many Items in, the image below showing the back and front of the cards side by side.

Free to download and use. Just be careful who you execute!

Until next time, keep gaming.




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