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Star trader sees you travel the stars hoping to make your fortune and fame by striking trade deals.


Theme Sci-fi


Background You have a brokered a deal with the Commerce Council that says if you can reach the distant Void sector of space then they will accept you as a member. Such acceptance almost guarantees you a lifetime of riches. All that stands between you and the void are the dangerous sectors of the inner, mid and outer-worlds. What could possible go wrong?


Okay, what could go wrong would be space pirates, bureaucratic officials, plasma storms and oh yes, war and alien invasion. Other than that, piece of cake. 


Play Mode Cards and dice

Designed for Solo play

Style of Play Journalling or points based win/lose

Time to play 15 - 20 minutes a game, longer if journaling (unless you write fast!)

Size Fits inside a business card sized case (supplied) yet it still packs a lot of fun.


The game comes with:


  • Four cards outlining the rules and background
  • Character sheet
  • 3 World Cards
  • 1 Void Card
  • 9 Encounter cards including:
    • Astrophenomena
    • Outposts
    • Planetary Bodies
    • Civilian Vessels
    • Military Vessels
    • Xeno's Attack
    • And more!
  • 2  x 7mm dice (colours will vary)
  • Game case which holds everything - including the dice!


The encounter cards have 6 options on each card all of which are determined randomly each game, ensuring there is a ton of replay value in this game.


9 random conditions x (9 random cards x 6 options on each)... that's a lot of game options that can fit in your pocket!


With each encounter you either win, fail, or almost succeed. Those options provide different amounts of positive and negative score points and even those are randomised. As a designer (and gamer), I dislike fixed score games, especially ones for solo play. I want the maximum variability to ensure the game has replayability and longevity.



Star Trader

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