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Tiger Hunt is a game set in a cyberpunk future city*, as you, a genetically modified tiger-human hybrid search for your lost sister.


*Neo City as detailed fully in our location guide that can be purchased separately (not required to play Tiger Hunt)

Theme Cyberpunk


Background Your sister was a tech courier, handling confidential data for powerful people. She went missing six months ago and you’ve come to the dark and twisted Neo City to find her.


Your search will take you from the rain-soaked, crime-ridden gutters to the glittering heights of Neo Tower itself. During your search you’ll tackle mechs, street thugs, data hackers, corporate bosses and even other gene-spliced creatures like yourself.


Play Mode Cards and dice

Designed for Solo play

Style of Play Journalling or points based win/lose

Time to play 15 - 20 minutes a game, longer if journaling (unless you write fast!)

Size Fits inside a business card sized case (supplied) yet it still packs a lot of fun.


The game comes with:


  • Five cards outlining the rules and background
  • An adventure record card
  • Encounters Table
  • 10 Encounter cards including:
    • Heavy hitters (these are dangerous)
    • Locations - Sketchy, midtown and uptown
    • NPCs
    • Security threats
    • Cyber threats
    • Genetic modifications
    • And more!
  • 2  x 7mm dice (colours will vary)
  • Game case which holds everything - including the dice!


Nine of the encounter cards have 6 options on each card all of which are determined randomly each game, ensuring there is a ton of replay value in this game.


(12 random terms x (9 random cards x 6 options on each) x 2-3 success outcomes per encounter... that's a lot of game options that can fit in your pocket!) 


You will be challenged in three ways - against valour, fortitude and perception. These function the same mechanically in the game but add variety and thematic story telling possibilites when journaling your way through the game.


With each encounter you either win, fail, or almost succeed. Those options provide different amounts of positive and negative score points and even those are randomised. As a designer (and gamer), I dislike fixed score games, especially ones for solo play. I want the maximum variability to ensure the game has replayability and longevity.)



Tiger Hunt

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